In Bioaplicada we are sensitive to new market requirements. We are specialists in products and services for the medical devices, veterinary, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and agricultural areas.

We were born under the name `Reproductive Biology`, dedicated to research, teaching and provision of services regarding reproductive medicine. Since 1991, we offered services related to the process of human reproduction, training new human resources and presenting research papers in national and international Congresses.

In 2003, observing the world trend to `Reduce, refine and replace` the use of animals in quality control testing, we created the in-vitro Biological Research area. Leaning on a solid foundation in biology, we developed cultures of different cell types to be applied to Standard and in-vitro testing.

As of 2011, based on our vast experience in cell cultures, we are performing quality control and biocompatibility testing for the for the pharmaceutical, medical devices  and cosmetics industries and in the Veterinary area, the isolation, purification and amplification of stem cells to be used in tissue regeneration treatments. We work together with veterinarians who specialize in treatments for tendon, ligament, bone and cartilage injuries in race horses.

In 2013, BioAplicada opened new headquarters with the latest technologies to increase our infrastructure and productive capacity in response to our customers’ increasing demand. To be able to provide a better service, we obtained the ISO 9001-2008 certification, which defined our Quality policy.