Customize Primary Cell Cultures

BioAplicada offers the chance to culture all kind of animal cells: primary cultures, stem cells and established cell lines. If you or your company need a specific cell type for the development of new drugs, research or other developments, BioAplicada can purify, amplify and culture cells of that specific tissue.

We specialize in the isolation of primary cell cultures for all types of tissues:

— Endometrium: endometrial fibroblasts, endometrial epithelium

— Placenta: citotrophoblasts, fibroblasts

— Ovary: granulosa

— Bone marrow: stroma cells

— Skin: dermic and epidermic fibroblasts

— Cartilage: condroblasts

— Adipose tissue: adipocites and preadipocites, stem cells, SVF

— Umbilical cord: cord stroma cells

— Bone: osteocytes

Heart: cardiac fibroblasts

In BioAplicada we can provide our customers with storage space in liquid nitrogen for immortalized cell lines or primary cultures.